Here at the Shinbukan Aikido Dojo we provide training in Aikido and Traditional Japanese Weapons.

As a traditional Japanese martial arts “Dojo” (place of the way), we seek to instill the universal virtues of wisdom, dedication, patience, tolerance, cooperation, humility and work ethic in our students.

This is in harmony with the true principles of “Budo” (martial way), which means to stop violence. This philosophy has a far deeper meaning than mere self defense.

Seeking to study in this way is known in Budo as “Katsujinken” (the enlightened/life giving sword). Central to this form of training is the Japanese term “Reigi” (etiquette), which goes beyond politeness and good manners. “Reigi” conveys the spirit of thinking of others before ourselves. In other words, selflessness versus selfishness.

As a result of this mindset and by fostering the spirit of mutual cooperation, every student in the dojo is challenged to develop themselves in the same way. Enabling them to become more able and gifted members of society.


Aikido is a non competitive Japanese martial art, where the the practitioner learns to harmonise with their training partner. Aikido uses dynamic movements to control their partner through pins, joint locks or throws.

Our practice of Japanese weapons includes jo, bo, boken, nunchaku, tonfa, and others. Through the study of these weapons the practitioner gains a greater understanding of distance, timing, posture and movement, along with an improved level of focus, as mistakes with a weapon carry greater repercussions than a mistake without.